Séminaire : Spin-State Switching in Dynamic Molecular Materials

Professor Sanjit Konar
Department of Chemistry (IISER Bhopal)

Invité par l’équipe ERMMES

12 juin 202314 h

Campus jussieu
T. 32-42, salle 101 (1er étage)


The development of molecular materials that can be switched between two different spin states through the application of external stimuli is of great interest owing to their potential use in molecular devices and information technology. This switching behavior can be triggered by different phenomena such as a charge/proton transfer, a change in the solid-state structure, or molecular orientation. When the cooperativity between spin centres is strong enough, a region of bistability might open, in which either of the two states can be found depending on the material’s immediate past. This memory effect has been widely exploited in transition metal complexes.Some exciting recent discoveries of spin-state switching in the transition metal complexes in presence of external perturbation would be discussed in this presentation.

Dynamic behavior of spin-crossover crystals and their polymer nanocomposite. © S. Konar

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