Séminaire : “Functional polymers built on non-covalent interactions”

Conférenciers invités : Anja Palmans (Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands) et Sébastien Ulrich (Université de Montpellier, France)

9 Décembre 2022 / 13h30

Salle 101 (T 32-42, 1er étage)

L’équipe « Chimie des polymères » de l’IPCM vous convie à cette ½ journée scientifique qui réunit de nombreux conférenciers travaillant autour de cette thématique.

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Matthieu Raynal, Institut parisien de chimie moléculaire

Laurent Bouteiller, Institut parisien de chimie moléculaire

CV des conférenciers invités :

Sébastien Ulrich carried out his PhD with Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn (Université de Strasbourg, France), and post-docs with Prof. Harry L. Anderson (Oxford University, UK) and Prof. Eric T. Kool (Stanford University, CA, USA). In 2011, he was awarded an ANR starting grant and joined the group of Prof. Pascal Dumy in Grenoble, before moving in 2012 to Montpellier, France where he was recruited by the CNRS to develop his research interests in the field of supramolecular bioorganic chemistry. Since then, he has contributed to developing dynamic covalent polymers as innovative tools for nucleic acid recognition and gene delivery. In 2017, he was awarded the CNRS Bronze Medal.”

Anja Palmans studied chemical engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and received her master’s degree in 1992. She continued with PhD research in the group of Prof. Bert Meijer where she obtained her doctorate in 1997 with her thesis ’Supramolecular structures based on the intramolecular H-bonding in acylated 3,3’-diamino-2,2’-bipyridines’. In 1998 and 1999 she was a postdoctoral researcher in the group of Prof. Paul Smith at ETH Zürich (Switzerland), after which she started working at DSM Research (Geleen, The Netherlands). In 2002 she returned to the TU/e as an NRSC-C Fellow at the Laboratory for Macromolecular and Organic Chemistry where she became assistant professor in 2005 and associate professor in 2010. Since 2019 she is full professor in the fascinating field of Supramolecular Chemistry and Catalysis. Her hobbies are travelling to remote places, and walking in nature.