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Research topics

Our current research projects address applications both in molecular inorganic chemistry and in materials and nanosciences and include:

1. Complex molecular assemblies

In the frame of our research activities based on molecular inorganic chemistry, the synthesis of new chemical objects remains the core of the activities in the E-POM group. This requires the (...)

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2. Alternative energies

The team is involved in the elaboration of photoactive molecular architectures displaying long-lived photo-induced charge separation states. These systems include hetero-poly-nuclear complexes (...)

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3. Environmental challenges

Our efforts in the preparation of functionnalized POMs aim to manage the peculiar features of the polyoxometallic frameworks in order to address contemporary issues of sustainable chemistry. (...)

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4. Information technologies

The bottom-up approach offered by molecular chemistry is an answer to the continuous downscaling of microelectronics. In this context we are exploring the potential of electroactive POMs for (...)

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