Tribute to Pierre SIGWALT

Pierre SIGWALT, Professor Emeritus at UPMC/Sorbonne-University and former director of the “Polymers” unit, died on November 9 at the age of 97.

He created this unit in 1956 and directed it until his retirement in 1988. His research has led to numerous advances in the field of ionic polymerization reactions (mechanisms, kinetics, anionic and cationic living polymerizations, etc.) where his teams have gained major international recognition.

He was one of the first students of Georges Champetier, professor at the Faculty of Sciences of Paris and director of studies at the ESPCI, who asked him, in 1956, to create, implement and direct the Laboratory of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Sorbonne.

Throughout his career, Pierre Sigwalt has been strongly involved in the life of the Pierre & Marie Curie University (UPMC, now Sorbonne University), as well as in national research bodies where he has assumed important responsibilities. A passionate researcher, he never left the Laboratory, whose research he followed until he was 90 years old. For this he received the UPMC gold medal in 2005.

Pierre Sigwalt, a key player in the associative life of the French polymer community, was also a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, a silver medalist of the CNRS, and an officer of the Legion of Honor.

Pierre Sigwalt on the occasion of the award of his gold medal from the Pierre and Marie Curie University on October 6, 2005. © SU