Thesis defense of Edwyn Remadna

Monday, October 23, 2023 – 2:30 p.m.

Campus Pierre et Marie Curie
Esclangon building
Durand amphitheater

Edwyn Remadna will present his work on

Biphenyl-gold(III) structure: a new field of investigation for anticancer drug candidates

Chemotherapy reached a turning point in the late 1970s with the advent of metal-based anti-cancer treatments, in particular platinum-based compounds. However, two drawbacks – significant side effects and the development of resistance – led to studies aimed at replacing platinum(II) with other metals such as gold(III). We have focused on the synthesis and biological study of three new families of gold(III) compounds. The first family, [(CC)Au(NN)]BF4, showed toxicity to various cancer and non-cancer cell lines correlated with the release of (NN) ligands. The second family, [(CC)Au(NHC-R)Cl], showed less toxicity in in vitro tests than the 1st family of compounds, and was the subject of more advanced biological studies. Preliminary results in vivo, using murine models, confirmed the effect observed in vitro. The complexes of the third family studied, [(CC)Au(PP)]PF6, showed promising toxicity. The stability of the best compound was investigated, and the use of mass spectrometry on the cytoplasmic fraction seemed to predict the stability of the structure in the cytosol. In the course of this thesis, we paved the way for the study of new structures of gold(III) complexes with promising therapeutic effects.