Theme day “The Cambridge Structural Database is more than a database!”

ЯÉCIPROCS, the network of professional crystallographers, in collaboration with the Île-de-France office of the Sociéte chimique de France, and the CCDC propose, on March 28, a theme day “The Cambridge Structural Database is more than a database!”

The Cambridge Structural Database (CSD), managed by the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC), is a reference in crystallochemistry and lies at the interface of chemistry and structural biology. In addition to a very complete database with more than one million structures of organic or metal-organic compounds, the CCDC develops software that exploits the wealth of information contained in the database to bring new perspectives to research teams working on or with “small molecules”.

The day will start with a general presentation of this database and will give an overview of all the possibilities offered by the CSD. This morning is open to all (students, post-docs or permanent staff), whether you work on organic compounds, ligands, metal complexes, polymers…

The afternoon session will be devoted to practical work, for those who have CSD licenses, to learn how to use the software. Currently, many laboratories in the Ile de France have licenses. If you do not know the CSD referent of your laboratory or if you wish to access licenses, you can contact us and we will orient you.

You will find on the web page of the day, the program and the link for registration.

Meet on March 28 – 10 a.m., room 32-42.101 (UFR room)

Lise-Marie Chamoreau (IPCM, Paris) & Elsa van Elslande (ICSN, Gif-sur-Yvette )