Seminar of Mona Semsarilar

“Functional Material for Environmental Remediation”


Institut Européen des Membranes
University of Montpellier

Thurday 16th november 2023 à 10h

Sorbonne University
Pierre et Marie Curie campus
Tower 53-43, room 522


Severe pollution is causing irreversible damages to the environment and human health. There is an urgent need in finding solutions to reduce the pollution and controlling the damage caused so far. During the past eight years, our team have been looking into making materials that could offer solutions for de contamination of water. 

We work at the interface of polymer, supramolecular and colloidal inorganic chemistry to design functional performant material. 

These novel materials would then be used to make membranes and adsorbents that could offer immediate solutions to water purification.

CV de Mona Semsarilar

Contact IPCM :
Jutta Rieger