Seminar of Emilie Pouget

The Pole 2 is delighted to welcome Émilie Pouget from the University of Bordeaux.


Université de Bordeaux

Friday 26 January 2024
at 11:00 am

Sorbonne University
Pierre et Marie Curie campus
Tower 32-42, room 101

« Design of functional nanostructures via chirality induction »


While the combination of chiral and magnetic properties is becoming more and more attractive for magneto-chiral phenomena, the fabrication of chiral systems that are highly responsive to both light and magnetic fields is still a challenge. The induction of chirality to achiral objects is a versatile strategy worthy of exploration for the preparation of magneto-chiral objects. In this context, we investigate the use of silica nanohelices as a chiral platform for induced circular dichroism (ICD) to achiral magnetite nanoparticles, as well as achiral free base or metallized porphyrins. These nanocomposites are studied principally by electronic natural circular dichroism (NCD) and magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) spectroscopies, and discussed as potential candidates for magnetochiral dichroism.

Electron microscopy image of TPPS porphyrin aggregated at the surface of a silica nanohelix
and the CD spectra induced by the helices left and right.
Keywords: Chirality, Magnetism, Porphyrins, Aggregation, Nanohelices

Emilie will spend the day in the ERMMES team, so feel free to contact Benoit Fleury if you wish to meet her during the afternoon.

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