Seminar by Stuart W Prescott – 6th July 2023

“Biointerfacial Chemistry and the Development of Thunderstorm‐Triggered Asthma”

Thursday 6 July 2023 – 2pm

Sorbonne University
Campus Pierre et Marie Curie
Tower 43-53, room 522

About Stuart Prescott

Stuart’s research interests are in the relationships between the molecular structures that are found at interfaces and the control of properties at interfaces. He studies surfactant structures, adsorbed polymers, biological systems, and polymer brushes with the goals of tailoring colloidal stabilisation formulations and designing responsive surfaces. Stuart joined UNSW Chemical Engineering in 2013, following a EU Marie Curie individual fellowship and lectureship at the University of Bristol, UK. He has worked extensively on the development of new instrumentation for colloidal and interfacial systems, including neutron reflection sample environment for studying the effects of confinement on polymers and bench‐top NMR instrumentation for surface area and surface chemistry monitoring. His PhD research (Uni Sydney, 2004) was with Prof RG Gilbert and Prof E Rizzardo, and demonstrated the first successful RAFT‐mediated living polymerisation in an emulsion polymerisation reaction. Stuart collaborates widely, looking at the surface chemistry and colloidal aspects of wide ranging fields including touch perception, drug delivery and consumer products.


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