Scientific news INC/CNRS: A new way to impose a unidirectional motion on molecular machines

Publication of the GOBS team.

Some proteins like kinesin or ATP-synthase are real molecular machines that have the particularity to move in one direction only. But controlling the direction of movement for synthetic systems of this type is still very complex. Scientists at the Paris Institute of Molecular Chemistry (CNRS/Sorbonne University) have succeeded in inducing a unidirectional linear motion of cyclodextrin, a naturally occurring cyclic molecule, by using its conical shape as a ratchet to prevent the motion from reversing.

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Enxu Liu, Sawsen Cherraben, Laora Boulo, Claire Troufflard, Bernold Hasenknopf, Guillaume Vives & Matthieu Sollogoub
A molecular information ratchet using a cone-shaped macrocycle,
Chem. 2023