Scientific day of the doctoral programme interfaces for life

Monday 26th June 2023

Sorbonne Université
Campus Pierre et Marie Curie
CICSU tower 44 room 107

The aim of the Interfaces for Life (IPV) doctoral programme is to generate innovative research at the interfaces with the life sciences. The whole of Sorbonne University is involved in this programme, which will be supported by the various UFRs and its major institutes. 

This programme is aimed at studies at the interface with the life sciences, ranging from fundamental biology to more applied aspects linked to health but upstream of clinical research.

This scientific day will be an opportunity for the winners of the programme to present their theses.

The IPCM will be represented by Laora Boulo, PhD student from the GOBS group.

New supramolecular multivalent anti-adhesive agents against SARS- CoV-2