Sciences for all: IPCM at the Chemistry Village with the CNRS Institute of Chemistry

On February 10 and 11, 2023, the IPCM will once again participate in the Village de la chimie (Cité des sciences/La villette -Paris) alongside the CNRS Institute of Chemistry, which represents the organization. This is an opportunity to talk about the chemistry professions and the support of research in the academic field, to schoolchildren and the general public. Workshops to raise awareness of the chemical sciences are organized for the event.


Aimed at schoolchildren and the general public, this event brings together academic and industrial players in the world of chemistry. It aims to present the range of professions in the field with a view to career guidance. 

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Directed by Elodie David, Claire DAZON (IMAP), Jérémy Forté, Régina Maruchenko, Valérie Marvaud, Simon Peyras, Alexandre Pradal, Edwy Remadna, Céline Roux-Byl (LPEM) and Lydia Sosa Vargas

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