RRRR Days: Reduce Repair Reuse Recycle

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Everything you always wanted to know about waste recycling on the Pierre & Marie Curie campus, but were afraid to ask.

Do you want to reduce the amount of waste and CO2 you generate? Would you like to find out what’s available on campus in terms of reuse, repair and sorting? Come along to the Atrium from 19 to 21 March to RRRR together!

Link Sorbonne University website

The village at the Atrium building:
discoveries and events

Tuesday 19, Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 March
from 11.30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Repair your bike or try out some fun ones

Get your old bike out of the cellar! The associations RéPAR and VéloSUN offer a free bike refurbishment service. Maintenance and advice are also on the programme.
You’ll also have the chance to try your hand at riding… original bikes!

Discover, in a fun way, the impact of our daily consumption and leave with ideas for change.

Reduce without losing anything? It’s possible! Come and discover the impressive amount of resources used to produce and transport everyday objects. But we’ll also look at ways of constructing new narratives, overcoming the idea that reduction leads to loss, and rethinking our relationship with nature.

Workshop: exploring our dependent relationships

Demonstrate the links that each person has with the different territories and systems on which they depend, at different scales.
Tuesday 19, Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 March at 12 noon, 12.30pm, 1pm and 1.30pm.
Duration: 45 minutes. No registration required, places limited.

Exchanging or simply collecting books, cuttings and recipes

Inspirational books from the university library and the LUPA association, available to borrow from Wednesday 20 March.
– Cuttings to exchange, thanks to your donations and the help of the campus green space workers
– Vegetarian recipes to consult, recommended by the LUPA association

Credit photo : Kaspar Ravel

Wonder and wonder at Kaspar Ravel’s exhibition

Artist in residence at Sorbonne University

Project yourself into new narratives of the future with the help of posters, podcasts and free-access videos.

Donate computer equipment

In association with the ALIAS, association, empty your cupboards of unused computer equipment so that it can be given to students! The following equipment can be donated Laptop PCs less than 10 years old, with charger, in working order or not, PC screens, fixed PCs less than 10 years old, in working order or not, to recover useful components, cables to accompany PCs (power supply, video cable, ethernet cable, etc.), accessories (keyboard, mouse, wifi/bluetooth adapter, old formatted USB sticks/external hard drives, etc.).

Laboratory, department or structure :consult the instructions for use and the model agreement.
In practice, all you have to do on the day is come to the Atrium with your computer equipment.

Learn how to sort your waste more effectively

Come and put the sorting guide into practice! You’ll also find out all you need to know about managing hazardous waste. Thanks to the Mairie de Paris, you’ll be able to take home a bio-waste collection kit or a pocket ashtray.

Making new objects from our waste: origami, tawashi sponges, etc.

Don’t hesitate to bring old socks and clean T-shirts 😉

Repair café

The FabLab’s Repair Cafés are self-help repair workshops where experts make their skills available to any member of the Sorbonne University community with a broken or broken-down item.
Wednesday 20 March from 11.30am to 2.30pm at the FabLab

For further information: workshops

> 2030 Glorieuses: discover everything we can gain from changing our lifestyles, collectively regain the power of imagination to overcome the prevailing pessimism and, for a few hours, return to a space where everything is possible.
Wednesday 20 March from 1.45pm to 3.45pm

> Inventing our low-carbon lives: finding out the essential orders of magnitude and imagining together the actions that are necessary, possible and desirable for the climate.
Thursday 21 March from 10am to 1pm

Of course, we hope
to see you there!
RRRR atmosphere … guaranteed