Review of the first “International Conference on EcoSmart Materials for the Future Technologies”

The first International Conference on EcoSmart Materials for the Future Technologies was held in Rabat, Morocco, from 22 to 24 May.

This first edition was an opportunity to promote aid and cooperation/collaboration with Moroccan laboratories and students. This congress will take place every 2 years, in different Moroccan cities.

Jamal Moussa, from the ECP group, took part in this 1st edition. There were around 150/160 participants from Europe, Canada, the USA, India and, of course, Morocco.

Jamal is appealing to colleagues at the IPCM: if they would like to help/collaborate with Moroccan students/labs, they can ask him for information/contacts.

Link of the congress ECOSMATTECH, Link Programme

Link Faculté de Sciences de Rabat

Contact IPCM
Jamal MOUSSA, ECP group

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