Poster Award – Nanopol 2023 for David Siefker

David SIEFKER, post-doc in the Polymer Chemistry team, received the poster award at the “Nanostructured Polymers: from precision synthesis to physical properties” conference (Nanopol 2023).

Dr. David Siefker (postdoc dans l’équipe Chimie des Polymères) avec son certificat du prix de poster de la conférence Nanopol 2023 à Orléans, France. ©David Siefker

This international conference focused on nanostructured polymers, with topics ranging from precision synthesis to physical properties. Its program covered fundamental research and applied science in response to crucial societal questions related to health, energy, protection of man and the environment, high-performance materials, etc.

David received the best poster award for his work on: “Isocyanate Free Synthesis of Tris-Urea Terminated Polymers for Janus Nanorods Self-Assembly”.

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