The first POMbasics 2022 “Polyoxometalate Chemistry for Fundamentals and Applications” summer school was held in La Rochelle from 13 to 15 June 2022. Organised jointly by the E-POM team from the IPCM laboratory at Sorbonne University and the MIM team from the ILV at UVSQ, this international event brought together more than 55 participants from universities and laboratories in seven European countries (Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, France and Austria).


The school’s programme was deliberately ambitious, linking the fundamental aspects of polyoxometallate chemistry with the major societal challenges (energy, health and the environment) for which this family of compounds can provide credible solutions.

This event is supported by the IRN-CNRS “SMART Molecular Oxides” network and LabEx MiChem.


It has also been awarded the Ecole Thématique label by the CNRS.