PhD offer (CASCH group) – Enabling Sustainable Synthesis through the Merge of Catalysis and Light

The CASCH group, in collaboration with the group of Dr. Albert Poater from the University of Girona, is looking for a candidate for a PhD scholarship entitled :

Enabling Sustainable Synthesis through the Merge of Catalysis and Light”

The use of transition metal complexes, for which it is possible to modulate the sphere of coordination
around the metal center, allowed to take a decisive step in catalysis in many types of reactions.
However, there are still many areas to explore. In order to increase the number of applications in the
industrial environment, inexpensive, clean, environmentally friendly processes must be developed.
Within this proposal, we plan to develop two important processes as part of eco-efficiency and
energetic transition, that are the reduction reactions of carbonic compounds (CO2 and derivatives),
and reactions of hydrogen autotransfer/borrowing hydrogen catalyzed by cyclopentadienone iron(0)
tricarbonyl and triaminocyclopentadienyl iron(II) tricarbonyl complexes under light irradiation.
This project will be done in collaboration with Dr. Albert Poater of the Univeristy of Girona. The
consortium’s expertise is based on an approach combining theoretical chemistry, in-silico study (based
on the skills of Dr. Albert Poater’s group, necessary to design an efficient iron complex and to unveil
the catalytic processes) and an experimental approach (based on the skills of the group at IPCM
including organic and organometallic synthesis for the development of new organometallic complexes
and their applications in chemistry).

The co-supervised thesis will allow the future doctoral student to lead the project from the theoretical
study to the synthesis of the complexes (organic and organometallic chemistry) and applications. The
project schedule foresees a period in Girona during the second year for training on DFT calculations
and in-silico study and application to the complexes envisaged in this study


Training in organic and organometallic chemistry with interest for catalysis.


36 months from October 2024


– a detailed CV
– a motivation letter
– Grades obtained during the Master
– 2 letters of recommendation (or the contact of two references)
Application deadline: May 20th 2024