Pascal Pigeon (ChemBio team) inaugurates the “Research Data Gouv Sorbonne University” space

To meet the strategic challenge of managing the scientific production of the academic research world, the government has just opened a national platform for research data. Pascal Pigeon, member of the IPCM, has just made the very first deposit in the space dedicated to Sorbonne University.

The European Commission report Cost of not having FAIR research data published in 2019 estimates that the cost of mismanagement of research data amounts to 3 billion euros for France, due to wasted time, non-optimized storage costs, licensing fees, research duplication problems, lack of cross-fertilization. 

The government’s ambition is to respond in part to this strategic challenge by proposing a national research data platform, Research Data Gouv: to become a service of the European open science cloud (EOSC), offering access to the heritage of shared and open research data to promote their reuse! 

Each actor of the Research Data Gouv ecosystem contributes to the influence of French research by sharing and opening data. Let’s hope that Pascal Pigeon’s deposit in this brand new database will be followed by many others!