New iSiM 2024 call for proposals for post-docs and equipment

  • Post last modified:July 5 2024
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Call for proposal for Post-Doc and equipment – iSiM 2024

The Molecular Sciences and Engineering Initiative is launching its second call for Post-doc projects (2 supports). The aim is to support collaborations between groups in the Sorbonne University Alliance with complementary expertise, with a view to developing research of excellence at the molecular level. These projects must be presented by at least two different groups from the SU Alliance.

iSiM is also launching a call for equipment projects, which must be completed by 15 December 2024. The aim is to support groups from the Sorbonne University Alliance in developing excellent research on a molecular scale. Projects may be led by a single group, but the equipment obtained must be accessible to the entire iSiM community.

The molecular scale is claimed by many disciplines: chemistry, of course, but also physics, biology, medicine, geosciences, etc. The aim is to strengthen the impact of the SU Alliance’s research by concentrating resources on a few federating projects involving multiple skills around molecular science and engineering.

Please find attached the texts of these calls for projects.

Please fill in the attached Word files and return them in PDF format to by 31 March 2024 at the latest.

Matthieu Sollogoub (Coordinator)
Christophe Petit (Coordinator assistant)
Atika Bentayeb (Management and administration)