“Chemystery: murder in the lab”, a murder party on the programme of the last “Grand café de l’IPCM”.

On 30 May 2024, the IPCM celebrated the arrival of summer with the second edition of the “Grand café IPCM”!

All members of the Institute were invited to take part in a range of fun activities, including games and a murder party, while sharing a picnic on the Pierre & Marie Curie campus.

But the day turned out to be rainy and windy. The games were all cancelled and the picnic turned into a meal in the courtyard.

However, the “Chemystery: murder in the lab! was maintained and was one of the highlights of the day. Here’s a look back at what happened.

“Our dear colleague Jean-Marc was murdered today! […] I need your help to find the culprit so that we can quickly restore serenity to our laboratory and maintain its image of excellence.”
The Laboratory Director

These were the words of Anna Proust, Director of the IPCM, as she opened the murder party organised for the occasion by two colleagues from the Institute, Jeremy Forte and Claire Trouffard.

Sophie’s interview. © IPCM

Despite the sometimes bitter cold, our budding investigators, divided into 5 groups, really got into the game during the 2? hour investigation, thanks to the excellent acting of our 5 actors, who made this afternoon unforgettable. Between Stefano’s seduction games (V. Poirier, CASCH), Marie-Pierre’s hot flashes (D. Deaibess, ECP), Claude’s impressive general knowledge (V. Liberioux, GOBS), Sophie’s naivety (O. Rondot, Chembio) and finally the touching tears of Emilie (N. Khalafaoui Hassani, CASCH), our 30 participants could not help but be carried away by this story of lies, secrets, love and betrayal.

A thrilling afternoon tracking down Jean-Marc’s killer.
What actors, what an adventure!

Although our organisers Mulder and Scully (J. Forté, DRX and C. Troufflard, RMN) desperately tried to disrupt the course of the investigation in order to spice things up, the actors and investigators were able to stay the course and successfully carry out their roles for some and their interrogations for others.

Our five budding actors surrounded by the two masters of the game. © IPCM
I had a blast playing a character!
The exchanges make the game so much fun and immersive!

Then it’s time for the denouement! And we won’t be telling you any more about it, to preserve the mystery and perhaps one day see you try your hand at the adventure.

The event came to a close with our two organisers reading out the end of the story and the arrest of the culprit or culprits, in front of a captivated audience. Just before giving way to the well-deserved Café IPCM snack that hungry tummies were eagerly awaiting.

Would you like to reproduce this investigation game with your colleagues, friends or family? Download the necessary documents by clicking on this link link.

Enjoy the game! !