Lydia Sosa Vargas – awarded the EMERGENCE@CNRS Chimie 2024 grant

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Dr. Lydia Sosa Vargas, CNRS research fellow at the polymer chemistry group of the IPCM was selected as one of the 12 laureates of the 7th edition of the CNRS’ Chemistry Emergence call with the project entitled:

Supramolecular Thermally-activated delayed fluorescence
polymers for green LED materials (Supra-LEDs)

The CNRS Emergence action rewards innovative, high-risk projects with support to fund a postdoctoral contract to kick-start the project.

Dr. Lydia Sosa Vargas research focuses on the development of new materials for organic electronic applications, the study of structure-property relationship and how to exploit supramolecular interactions to improve the efficiency of the materials developed. 

The funded project aims to develop a new, more sustainable approach towards polymer-based, organic, light-emitting devices (PLEDs).  Polymer-based LEDs are of great interest for developing flexible, stretchable displays. They are also easily soluble and can be easily adapted for printing and other solution-based processes, in contrast to molecule-based and inorganic OLEDs that are produced using energy-intensive deposition techniques, which generate a large amount of waste.

The recruited postdoc will work on employing a new strategy to obtain supra, and macromolecular emissive materials with good control of the composition, whilst simultaneously seeking to improve their emissive properties.  

This project will be developed in collaboration with Dr. Jutta Rieger and Dr. Fabrice Mathevet, also from the Polymer Chemistry group.

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