Lux-Erit international project: new organic materials for electronics and photonics

© Fabrice Mathevet

A new international scientific cooperation project* between Japan and France in the field of materials chemistry has started in 2023. It aims to develop new organic semiconductor materials for optoelectronic and photonic devices. Fabrice Mathevet, a CNRS researcher at the Paris Institute of Molecular Chemistry, is the project leader and explains the technological challenges of this Franco-Japanese collaboration.

Watch the interview on the CNRS Institute of Chemistry website (in french)

* IRPs are collaborative research projects set up between one or more CNRS laboratories and laboratories in one or two foreign countries. They consolidate established collaborations through short or medium-term scientific exchanges. Their purpose is to organize working meetings or seminars, develop joint research activities, including field research, and supervise students. French and foreign teams must have already demonstrated their ability to work together (for example, through one or more joint publications). These programs run for 5 years.