Life of the Institute: IPCM scientists meet the students of the ACID-SU association

  • Post last modified:July 5 2024
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On Monday, January 16, 2023, students had the opportunity to exchange with the Institute’s scientists during a “Café-Profs#2: IPCM” meeting organized at their request.

Created in 2018, ACID-SU, the Sorbonne University Chemistry Student Association, aims to facilitate and enrich the relationships between students and Alumni of the Sorbonne University Master of Chemistry. To do so, it organizes festive events (gala, end of term parties, sale of the class sweatshirts enriching student life within the Master’s program…), but also meetings between Master’s and Bachelor’s students among themselves but also with the teams of professors or chemical researchers of the UFR, to promote the sharing and transmission of experiences and the integration into the world of research.

It was in this context that the “Café-Profs #2: IPCM” meeting was organized on January 16, 2023, where several members of the Institute* were able to present their scientific careers and research topics to L2 and M2 students in a succinct and “slightly” popularized manner. The discussions continued over coffee, where, in addition to their professional careers and the themes developed at the IPCM, the scientists were able to share their passion for molecular chemistry. An experience to be repeated! 

(*) Anna Proust, teacher-researcher, director of the Institute and head of the E-POM team
Florence VOLATRON, teacher-researcher in the E-POM team
Héloïse DOSSMAN, teacher-researcher in the CSOB team
Lise-Marie CHAMOREAU, DRX platform engineer
Clément CHAUVIER, teacher-researcher in the MACO team
Patrice CASTIGNOLLES, teacher-researcher in the Polymer Chemistry team
Berni HASENKNOPF, teacher-researcher in the GOBS team