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Stereoselective Double Functionalization of Geminated
C(sp3)-Organodimetallic Linchpins. 

Geminated C(sp3)-organodimetallics can serve as dinucleophilic linchpins for the rapid assembly of complex molecular structures through two consecutive electrophilic substitution reactions with two different electrophiles. Implementation of these double functionalization sequences in a stereoselective manner to develop tools for asymmetric synthesis has attracted considerable interest from the synthetic community over the last decade. The focus has been put mostly on 1,1-bimetallic reagents containing boron, zinc or zirconium, and different strategies have been applied for such a purpose, including the diastereoselective transformation of enantioenriched chiral reagents or the enantioselective conversion of achiral or racemic derivatives. Asymmetric catalysis is at stake in most of the approaches developed. In this review article, we highlight the key advances in the development of 1,1-bimetallic linchpins as tools for asymmetric synthesis, emphasizing the underlying general concepts.

Banchini, F.; Leroux, B.; Le Gall, E.; Presset, M.; Jackowski, O.; Chemla, F. Perez-Luna, A.
ChemCatChem, 2023, e202301495

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