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Light-Induced, Structural Matrix Guided Stepwise Spin-State
Switching in 3d-5d Molecular Assembly


A new iron(II) molecular complex {[W(CN)8][Fe(bik*)3]2}BF4·7H2O·1.5CH3OH (1.7H2O·1.5CH3OH) was synthesized using a versatile octacyanotungstate(V) building block and N-donor bidentate ligand (bik* = bis(1-ethyl-1H-imidazol-2-yl)ketone) and detailed characterizations were carried out. The crystal structure of 1.7H2O·1.5CH3OH is composed of an ionic salt from one anionic [W(CN)8]3– unit, two isolated cationic [Fe(bik*)3]2+ units, and one BF4counteranion in the asymmetric unit. Magnetic studies of 1.7H2O·1.5CH3OH display interesting two-step reversible thermo-induced spin-state switching and the partially desolvated form 1.7H2O shows a photomagnetic effect at low temperatures. Additionally, the physical properties of 1.7H2O·1.5CH3OH were compared with the monomeric unit of {[Fe(bik*)3]2}·4ReO4·H2O (2.H2O) and detailed photophysical investigations were also performed to study the effect of a structural matrix {[W(CN)8]3– and ReO4 unit} on the spin-state switching properties of the [Fe(bik*)3]2+ unit in both systems (1.7H2O·1.5CH3OH and 2.H2O).

1 = {[W(CN)8][Fe(bik*)3]2}BF4

2 = [Fe(bik*)3]2}-4ReO4

Krishna Kaushik, Archita Sarkar, Sujit Kamilya, Yanling Li, Pierre Dechambenoit, Mathieu Rouzières, Sakshi Mehta and Abhishake Mondal*

Inorg. Chem. 2024, 63, 17, 7604–7612
Lien Hal, hal-04533329 , version 1