IPCM scientists at the Chirality at the nanoscale conference

The Chirality@The Nanoscale conference gathers scientists interested by chirality in its broadest sense, with a particular focus on materials and chirality related physical properties, since 2007 (Sitges 2007, Liverpool 2011, Leuven 2015, Ascona 2019, Angers 2023,….).

Octobre 1st – 5th 2023
Angers- France

Benoit Fleury (ERMMES team) will give a talk entitled
Inducing chiroptical properties in CdSe nanoplatelets by surface molecular functionalisation 

Matthieu Raynal (Equipe POLYMERES) is invited to talk about
Exploiting the unconventional chiral properties of supramolecular helical polymers in catalysis 

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