IPCM participation in the 2023 edition of the Agora des nanos at the Théâtre de la ville in Paris

© B. Hasenknopf

Every month, the AGORA encounters offer Théâtre de la Ville audiences a new opportunity to meet. Echoing the program, they develop themes at the crossroads of creative issues and current public debate. On November 25, 2023, the Agora des nanos brought together scientists for participatory meetings on nanoscience. Bernold Hasenknopf took part in the “Poster-goûter, à table avec des nanoscientifiques”.

On this occasion, scientific posters were transformed into tables around which the public was invited to sit and chat with six École Estienne researchers and students, who illustrated their work in nanoscience (nano-chemistry and the environment, quantum computing and nano-robotics), during a tasty snack.

Environmental impact of nanotechnologies and nanosciences

  • with Hynd Remita (physical chemistry researcher, specialist in radiation chemistry and nanomaterials, Université Paris Saclay)
  • with Sophie Carenco (nanomaterials and nanochemistry researcher, Sorbonne University)

Did you say quantum computer?

  • with Landry Bretheau (Professor of Quantum Physics, Ecole Polytechnique)
  • with Eleni Diamanti (researcher in photonics and quantum cryptography, Sorbonne University)

Micro- and nano-robots are among us

  • with Stéphane Régnier (robotics researcher, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, Sorbonne University)
  • with Bernold Hasenknopf (Professor of Supramolecular Chemistry, Sorbonne University).

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