Étienne Derat appointed Sorbonne University’s secular referent

Étienne Derat from the MACO group
has been appointed secular referent
at Sorbonne University

a position created and defined within the framework of the law of 24 August 2021.

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As secular referent, Étienne Derat’s mission is to guarantee freedom of conscience and the religious, political, economic or ideological neutrality of public institutions.

To ensure that this fundamental principle is respected within the school, it works closely with the three faculties and the school’s departments, in particular the Legal Affairs Department, the Defence Security Officer and the Ethics Officer.

  • The Secularity Officer helps to strengthen community life at the university by ensuring that diversity of opinion is respected while maintaining a neutral and balanced environment. In order to carry out their role, they are required to propose the institution’s policy on the application of the principle of secularism. It is also the point of contact for requests from staff and users on this issue.
  • It has a conflict prevention and resolution role and promotes a culture of law and a better understanding of the principle of secularism.
  • It may be called upon to provide advice on the implementation of the principle of secularism, in particular by analysing and responding to requests from staff and users relating to individual situations or questions of a general nature.
  • It may also be called upon in the event of difficulties in applying the principle of secularism within the school.
  • It also participates in the network of secular referents at national level, thus affirming Sorbonne Université’s commitment to the preservation of republican principles.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Étienne Derat directly by e-mail at the following address.

Charter of secularism and republican values in public higher education and research establishments