The IPCM’s teacher-researchers (13 Professors and 33 Associate Professors) and some of its researchers play an active role in teaching chemistry in the Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine at Sorbonne University.

Faculty of Science and Engineering

The teaching staff are particularly committed to teaching the concepts of chemical structure and reactivity. This teaching appears in the ‘Matter Sciences’ and ‘Natural Sciences’ portals of the L1 integration cycle, which enable students to prepare for the chemistry degree.

The courses taught by the IPCM’s lecturers aim to develop skills and knowledge in the fields of molecular chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry and polymer chemistry, as well as in the knowledge and experimental mastery of analytical and spectroscopic techniques for characterisation. Some of the teaching staff also take part in courses and activities designed to raise students’ awareness of the concept of chemistry for sustainable development.  

The Chemistry degree offers a major/minor system, with a single-discipline pathway and bi-disciplinary pathways that combine chemistry as a major with a choice of other minor disciplines. An intensive double degree programme is also offered (Chemistry-Biology, Chemistry-Physics, Chemistry-Earth Sciences), which can lead to both degrees. All of these courses allow students to continue their studies in chemistry.

IPCM lecturers are particularly involved in the Molecular Chemistry and Materials Chemistry sections of the Chemistry Master’s programme, with an emphasis on chemical, molecular inorganic and organic reactivity, and polymer chemistry in the first-year core curriculum.  With their varied research themes, many of the IPCM’s teacher-researchers and researchers help to provide an in-depth, cross-disciplinary understanding of chemistry at the interfaces with physics and biology in particular. 

  • Master MEEF (Teaching, education and training professions)

Physics-Chemistry pathway

2. Training/assignments

Many of the unit’s doctoral students are involved in teaching chemistry through the teaching missions of the ED406 (Molecular Chemistry) and ED397 (Physics and Chemistry of Materials) doctoral schools. They are mainly involved in the chemistry courses in the integration cycle, but also in the Chemistry bachelor’s degree and the Paris Centre Chemistry master’s degree.

Some of the unit’s teacher-researchers are involved in preparing students to teach chemistry. This pedagogical training, organised by the Training & Careers Department and the Chemistry UFR, aims to prepare PhD students for their teaching role and work on good teaching practices.