Administrative and logistics platform

The IPCM’s 7-strong administrative and logistics platform provides support for research activities. A central element of the Institute, it brings together the skills needed to run the structure, which in some ways resembles a small business.

The Administrative Manager is responsible for the administrative management (finance, human resources, etc.) of the structure in a multi-tutorial environment. She therefore works closely with the administrative departments of Sorbonne University and the Paris Centre Delegation to implement and monitor financial and accounting operations. Like the other members of her team, she provides support and advice to the unit’s staff on administrative matters.

The administrative platform: financial management, but not only…
It assists the management team, provides administrative support for permanent and non-permanent staff, and manages the financial aspects of all funding from a wide variety of sources. It carries out administrative and financial management tasks (orders, mission orders, etc.) in compliance with the rules and procedures defined by each supervisory authority. It informs and advises the people it deals with, whether they are members of the laboratory or service providers. 

The logistics platform: a multi-purpose component by definition.
It provides logistical support to all staff by handling initial interventions, breakdowns and repairs to all equipment involved in the smooth running of the Institute. Its many tasks include welcoming new arrivals, distributing mail, managing technical installations, warehousing and any work requiring special handling.


Administrative Manager

Patricia AUBERT

Financial administration

Gilles GOU THI

IT specialist

Maria LUC

Financial administration


Executive assistant/Financial administration