X-Ray Diffraction Platform

The X-ray diffraction platform of the Fédération de Chimie Moléculaire de Paris-Centre carries out structural characterization of various compounds (organic, inorganic, molecular materials, …) by single crystal X-ray diffraction (SC-XRD).

Our expertise : 

  • Selection and mounting of samples, including fragile samples, under optical microscope 
  • Measurement of diffraction data on one of our diffractometers 
  • Crystal structure solving and refinement

We can work on a temperature range from 28 to 500 K depending on the compounds and perform continuous monitoring of structural changes.

Determination of Absolute configurations can be achieved for chiral compounds, including organics.

We work closely with the IMPMC Diffraction Platform for many studies.

Do you already have a sample to entrust to us?

Our equipments :

Bruker AXS Kappa-APEX II Diffractometer (year 2010)

Temperature control system with nitrogen and helium Oxford N-Helix: measuring temperature from 28 to 300 K

  • Source: Molybdenum sealed tube + TRIUMPH monochromator (graphite curve crystal)  
  • Geometry : Kappa 
  • Detector : APEX II 
  • Application: Inorganic and organic compounds, low-temperature analysis

Bruker AXS QUAZAR Diffractometer (year 2011)

Oxford Cryostream 700 Plus nitrogen temperature control system allowing measurements over a range from 80 to 500 K

  • Source: Copper microsource 
  • Geometry : Kappa  
  • Detector : APEX II 
  • Application: organic compounds, absolute configuration determination, large parameter elemental meshes

The platform also has…

  • a binocular magnifier (x50 magnification) with polarized light and video camera 
  • glove bags for the selection of crystals under “inert” atmosphere

The crystallographic database Cambridge Structural Database listing the crystal structures of compounds containing at least one C-H bond is available to any user and we can assist you in your search on this tool.

Some of our achievements:




Dupond et al. (2019)

Dupond et al. (2019)

Université Y




Our engineers : 

Lise-Marie Chamoreau


Research engineer

Jérémy Forté

Jérémy FORTÉ

Assistant engineer

Contact us and find us :


+33 (0)1 44 27 30 90 


Sorbonne University
Institut Parisien de Chimie Moléculaire
Tower 33-43, 4th floor, office 418
4 place Jussieu
75005 PARIS

Localisation Plateforme DRX

Our work:

Our other memberships :

Fédération de Chimie Moléculaire de Paris Centre (FR2769)

Réseau des Chercheurs et ITA Professionnels de la Cristallographie Structurale

Association Française de Cristallographie