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nanomatériaux hybrides

chimie de coordination

assemblages de nanoparticules

propriétés physiques

Hybrid nanomaterials

Enhancing the magnetic anisotropy of maghemite nanoparticles

Collaboration with Y. Prado, J. Fresnais, V. Dupuis, A. Michel – SU, PHENIX ; L. Lisnard, C. cartier-dit-Moulin – SU, IPCM-ERMMES ; M.-A. Arrio, P. Sainctavit – SU, IMPMC ; T. Georgelin – SU, LRS ; N. Yaacoub, J.-M. Grenèche – Université du Maine, IMMM.

Hybrid nanomaterials and spectroscopies

Ligand-induced chirality of CdSe nanoplatelets

PhD work of Leonardo Curti in collaboration with Benjamin Abécassis et Guillaume Landaburu at ENS de Lyon.

XAS/XMCD study of coordination complex / maghemite nanoparticle magnetic interaction

with J. Fresnais, V. Dupuis, A. Michel, D. Talbot – SU, PHENIX ; L. Lisnard, C. cartier-dit-Moulin – SU, IPCM-ERMMES ; M.-A. Arrio, P. Sainctavit – SU, IMPMC. E. Otero, P. Ohresser – Soleil, DEIMOS. Post-doctorat de Yoann Prado. Doctorat de Leonardo Curti)

Assemblies of nanomaterials

Light-responsive self-assembly of semi-conducting nanoplatelets

PhD work of Yesica Flores Arias in collaboration with Pr. N. Katsonis (MESA+, BNT group, University of Twente, Pays-Bas), with the support of the French-Dutch Hubert Curien Van Gogh network.

Ligand-induced twisting of CdSe nanoplatelets stacks

PhD work of Leonardo Curti

Scientific trajectory

  • Physical Chemistry studies at Paris Sud-XI University
  • PhD at ICMMO (U. Paris Sud) directed by Talal Mallah : Grafting of molecular nanomagnets and magnetic coordination networks on Si(100)
  • Post-doctoral fellowship at CEA Grenoble (INAC) with Gérard Bidan : Polyoxometalates on silicon: towards new FLASH memory devices
  • Post-doctoral fellowship at KIT (Germany) with Mario Ruben :
    • Luminescent and spin transition Ln(III)-Fe(II) complexes
    • Chirality of surface-confined molecules

Selected publications :

  1. Chiroptical Properties of Semiconducting Nanoplatelets Functionalized by Tartrate Derivatives, Langmuir2024, DOI : 10.1021/acs.langmuir.4c00528
  2. Co-existence of ferro- and antiferromagnetic interactions in a hexanuclear mixed-valence CoIII2MnII2MnIV2 cluster sustained by a multidentate Schiff base ligand, Dalton Trans.2019, 48, 11862
  3. Soft Magnets from the Self-Organization of Magnetic Nanoparticles in Twisted Liquid Crystals, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2014, 53, 12446
  4. Enhancing the magnetic anisotropy of maghemite nanoparticles via the surface coordination of molecular complexes, Nat. Commun.2015, 6:10139, DOI : 10.1038/ncomms10139