Presentation ERMMES Group

Research in the ERMMES group is at the crossroad of molecular chemistry and materials science. The group conceives materials displaying original physical properties and correlates structures with properties. Historically, the group focused mainly on molecular magnetism, which is the design of magnetic materials through to coordination chemistry methods. Our group has therefore a strong expertise in the synthesis, the characterisation and the rationalisation of the magnetic properties. These research rely on the low-temperature physical measurements platform (MPBT) in the UPMC.
In the last few years, our expertise led us to design and study:

  • switchable molecules where optical or magnetic properties are modified by an external stimulus,
  • slow magnetic relaxation in single-molecule magnets or single-chain magnets as compunds able to store magnetic information,
  • multifunctional magnetic materials, such as porous magnets showing specific physical responses to host molecules.

This type of research lie at a fundamental level. Nevertheless, aware that our molecular systems have strong potential for molecule-based nanotechnologies, the fundamental study of our objects is now enriched with other research topics on original molecular assemblies and hybrid systems such as:

  • hybrid inorganic nanoparticles decorated by complexes for information storage, medical imaging and hyperthermia,
  • hybrid molecular materials with ionic and electronic conduction properties for cathode materials,
  • hybrid quantum dots for spintronics

In support and in parallel of all these themes, our group develops research in X-ray absorption spectroscopies (XAS and XMCD) that allow element-specific study of chemical and electronic local structures and of the magnetic properties of materials with no long-distance order. On the other hand, paramagnetic NMR is also developed as a local probe to understand interaction mechanisms between magnetic centres.


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