Ring-opening polymerization of biobased monomers


Nicolas Illy, Phiippe Guégan

In the field of ring opening anionic polymerization, lactones and lactides are the most studied monomers. We revisited the general consensus about ring opening polymerization of biobased monomers through the synthesis of alternating copolymers based on N-acetylhomocysteine thiolactone. Owing to a collaboration with the team of Sylvain Caillol (University of Montpellier), we investigated l’eugenol glycidyl ether (EGE), dihydroeugenol glycidyl ether (DEGE) et de la vanilline glycidyl éther (VGE). These three monomers are biobased and aromatic. Copolymerizing them with N-acetyl homocysteine thiolactone, we obtained a new family of fully biobased alternating copolymers. This work is one of the few examples of valorization of monomers from lignin using anionic polymerization.