Radical polymerization of biobased monomers


François Sotffelbach, Fanny Coumes, Jutta Rieger

Due to the environmental constraints, there is an urge to develop new building blocks derived from biobased and sustainable resources. Our group valorizes various molecules that can be obtained from biomass (derivatives of sugars, lignin, terpenes) and create new biobased polymers using different radical polymerization techniques (free radical and controlled radical polymerization) in various conditions (solution, bulk and dispersion/emulsion conditions). The goal is to obtain new polymers presenting properties able to compete with petrosourced ones.

We also developed the synthesis of biobased (co)polymers by radical polymerization through the combination of the RAFT polymerization technique and the PISA approach. We exploit hydrophilic monomers such as acrylic acid and hydrophobic monomers derived from mint, mentyl acrylate (MnA), and two styrenic monomers derived from lignin, containing guaïacyl (G) or hydroxyphenyl (H) units. In order to develop new hydrophilic macro-RAFT agents useable in PISA, we are also interested in the radical polymerization of itaconic acid (IA) and derivatives from alpha-methylene-gamma-butyrolactone (MBL).


  • Emergence VALID, SU