Polycondensation based on bio-based diacids


Véronique Bennevault, Philippe Guégan and Patrice Castignolles

We have shown the value of the diacid 1,18‐(Z)‐Octadec-9-enedioique (D18 :1) to synthesize polyesters and that these polyesters can be biodegradable. Chemical modification was performed to improve the thermo-mechanical properties of the D18:1-based polyesters. We also synthesized polyesteramide developping a method to control the direction of the monomers insertion, especially ethanol amine, in order to maximize the number of interchain hydrogen bonds and thus the density of cohesive energy. Melting temperatures close to 160 °C were obtained for polymers synthesized with only succinic acid and ethanolamine. This research is being extended to diacids from «dimerization »  of oleic acid.