Anionic polymerization

Permanent staff

Nicolas Illy, Cécile Huin, Philippe Guégan

Thanks to this polymerization tool and the smart choice of initiators (peptidic groups and diketopiperazin models or linear peptides with biological role), it is possible to initiate polymerization of various monomers such as oxirans. Our recent works using a thiolactone as initiating intermediary for propylene sulfur open interesting outlooks and allow to envision the synthesis of polymer-peptide conjugate using the divergent approach. An extension towards synthetic drugs and pro-drugs is envisioned (ANR JCJC PP-SAM 2021-24). We also develop applications around these syntheses : thus, amphiphilic star polymer obtained from cyclic molecules (cyclodextrines) can be inserted as nanopores into polymersomes membranes producing nanoreactors (CSC and AAP-2023 FAPESP-CNRS). Works involving the use of polyether for drug delivery application are also developed in collaboration with K. Bouchemal (ANR Corona 2022-25).


  • ANR JCJC PP-SAM 2021-2024
  • AAP FAPESP -CNRS – 2023
  • ANR CORONA 2022 – 2025