Janus Nanoparticles

PEOPLE: Laurent BouteillerSandrine Pensec, Jutta Rieger

With the right design, it is possible to obtain highly complex systems (as found in Nature). By inserting non-symmetrical recognition patterns (stickers), we obtain Janus nanocylinders (with faces of different natures) (collab. O. Colombani, E. Nicol, IMMM).

This method is much simpler than known alternatives, and gives access to particles whose composition can be modulated at will. These nanoparticles open up a wide range of application prospects, developed in the following ANR projects:


The aim of the project is to cleanse blood of amyloid peptides using Janus nanocylinders, one side of which is functionalized to trap amyloid peptides, and the other to direct the biodistribution of amyloid peptides to the liver for destruction.


The aim of JASUR is to obtain nanostructured surfaces by self-assembly of Janus nanocylinders. Patterns smaller than 10 nm are targeted, with low defect density and well-defined interfaces, for potential applications in advanced lithography.