Chiral functional assemblies


We are interested in the structure-property relationships of discrete chiral species or (co)polymers formed by hydrogen bonds, whether crystalline, in solution or in gel form. This includes experimental and MM/MD characterisation of unusual assemblies of BTA esters[1] or bis-ureas[2] and characterisation of helical catalysts[3]. The chemical nature of the group connected to the stereogenic centres of BTA esters has a major influence on the structure of the associated self-assemblies: in particular, various types of dimeric structures[4-6] or reinforced helical stacks[7] have been characterised. Of particular interest was the induction of a chiral environment in linear gold[8] and plano-square platinum[9] complexes located at the periphery of sergeant/soldier type assemblies. Finally, benzene-1-urea-3,5-bisamide (BUBA) monomers, composed of a urea function and two amide functions linked to an aromatic core, constitute an easily accessible class of C2-symmetric supramolecular synthons that exhibit a good sergeant/soldier effect[10].

Structures of assemblies formed by hydrogen bonds with their chiroptic signature.

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