Radical polymerization in dispersed media

1.1. Controlled radical polymerization in emulsion and dispersion

RAFT (ATRP and NMP) polymerization in (mini)emulsion or dispersion :

  • Control of macromolecular structures : amphiphilic block copolymers, graft copolymers, gradient copolymers
  • polymerization induced self-assembly = PISA
  • without low molar mass surfactant
  • high solids contents
  • processes in emulsion, miniemulsion or dispersion
  • incorporation of functional moieties at the surface or the core of the latex particles : fluorescent molecules, mesogenic monomers, inorganic clusters (polyoxometalates)

Examples : 

A) Study of the solution and aqueous emulsion copolymerization of vinylidene chloride with methyl acrylate in the presence a poly(ethylene oxide) macromolecular RAFT agent. (PhD E. Velasquez –collaboration with Solvay and C2P2-Lyon; Polymer (2013), 54 (24), 6547–6554)

B) Synthesis of core-shell particles of various morphology by PISA through RAFT dispersion or emulsion polymerization

With for example, the surfactant-free RAFT emulsion polymerization using poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide) trithiocarbonate macromolecular chain transfer agents. (Macromolecules (2010), 43(15), 6302-6310)

C) Use of a simple surface-active initiator in controlled/living free-radical miniemulsion polymerization under AGET and ARGET ATRP conditions. (Chem. Commun. (2008), (39), 4807-4809)

D) Hydrogen-bonded, nanostructured films from core-shell latexes. (collaboration with L. Bouteiller (IPCM) and C. Creton (ESPCI); Macromol. Rapid Commun. (2013) 34(19), 1524–1529)

E) Synthesis and characterization of thermoresponsive core-shell nanogels by RAFT dispersion polymerization. (Soft Matter (2011) 7, 3482-3490)

1.2. Radical polymerization in aqueous emulsion

Examples :

A) Development of new polymers by emulsion polymerization and their conversion into new pressure sensitive adhesives under electron-beam radiation (CIFRE PhD – S. Roi -collaboration with A. Fradet (IPCM))

B) Radical emulsion polymerization without free surfactant in the presence of macromolecular reactants (PhD E. Velasquez)