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Novel heteroleptic copper(i) complexes merging the chelating 1,2-bis-diphenyldiphosphine and various L^X type coligands Three novel heteroleptic mononuclear copper(I) complexes with a chelating diphosphine 1,2-bis-diphenylphosphinobenzene ligand (dppb) and various monoanionic bidentate LX-type ligand derivatives, 2-methyl-8-hydroxyquinolinate (Me-Q),…

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The IPCM : from molecule to material

The IPCM (Institut Parisien de Chimie Moléculaire/Parisian Institute for Molecular Chemistry) is a joint research unit between Sorbonne Université and CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique).

The expertise in molecular chemistry in the broadest sense, the great diversity of the teams and the laboratory’s high-performance technical platforms lead to research ranging from the structuring of matter on a molecular scale to materials, involving know-how in inorganic and organic chemistry, polymer science, nanoscience, and even the interfaces with biology.
The scientific results of the IPCM, in relation to the major societal challenges, have an impact on fields ranging from health, the environment and new energies to information technologies.

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Parisian institut of molecular chemistry (IPCM)
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