Defense of Marco Di Matteo’s thesis


Monday, 15 st January 2023
at 2 pm

Campus Pierre et Marie Curie
Amphithéâtre Astier
Bât. Esclangon

Marco Di Matteo, doctoral student in IPCM’s CASCH team, will present his thesis entitled

« Selective C-H activation of terpenes »


This thesis work focuses on the discovery of new strategies for the C-H activation/functionalization of terpenes, with particular emphasis on (+)-limonene and palladium catalysis. First, we studied the Pd(II)-catalyzed dehydrogenating C(sp2)-H/C(sp2)-H coupling between limonene and electron-poor alkenes, with an extension to various terpenes and terpenoids. We then studied the post-functionalization (Sonogashira under micellar conditions) of a product resulting from dehydrogenating coupling. We then developed the neutral redox coupling C(sp2)-H/C(sp2)-X between (+)-limonene and bromoalkenes. This strategy, which is complementary to the dehydrogenating coupling, requires a lower loading of the palladium catalyst and silver salt than the coupling studied previously. Finally, we investigated new synthetic routes to cannabidiol (CBD).

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