Defense of Federico Banchini’s thesis (ROCS)

Wednesday 14th February
at 2:00 pm

Pierre et Marie Curie Campus
Esclangon building
Durand amphitheater

Federico BANCHINI, doctoral student in the ROCS group, will present his thesis entitled

« Asymmetric Sequential Cross-Coupling Reactions with Prochiral Zinc-Based C(sp3)-Gem-Bimetallic Reagents »

Multicomponent reactions (MCR) represent an important trend in the development of eco-compatible synthetic procedures that assemble multiple substrates in a single step and enable the simple preparation of functionalized backbones. The development of MCRs has been linked to the use of specific synthetic pivots allowing the unfolding of domino processes. The use of geminate binucleophilic carbon species in the development of asymmetric MCRs (AMCRs) remains largely underdeveloped.
explored. This project aims to introduce geminate binucleophilic pivots containing Zn into the development of

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