Clément Chauvier elected member of the Early Career Advisory Board of the journal Organic Chemistry Frontiers

Of the 37 scientists selected, he is the only early-career Frenchman on the committee.

Clément Chauvier studied chemistry at Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay (2010–2014) and obtained a Master’s degree in Molecular Chemistry from Sorbonne Université in 2014. Next, he pursued graduate research at CEA Saclay with Thibault Cantat working on the activation of small molecules and sustainable reductive chemistry with boron and silicon-based reductants. In 2018, Clément moved to Germany with a Humboldt Fellowship to carry out post doctoral work at TU Berlin with Martin Oestreich. In early 2020, he joined the Parisian Institute of Molecular Chemistry at Sorbonne Université in Paris as an assistant professor of chemistry. His research interests include main group chemistry (mostly of silicon and boron), s-block organometallic chemistry and the study of reaction mechanisms notably by DFT calculations.

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