Chemistry Tuesdays – “Photocatalysis for organic synthesis: 15 years of history” (MACO group)

Presented by Cyril Olivier (MACO group)

Tuesday 16 MAY 2023
16:45 – 18:00

Sorbonne-University, Pierre and Marie Curie Campus
UFR de Chimie, tower 32-42, room 101
Coffee break from 16:30

Summary :
Millions of years of evolution have enabled nature to implement chemical and biological processes to support life by maintaining a sustainable balance. For plants, the energy needed to create organic matter comes from an inexhaustible source: the sun. Inspired by such a process, we have sought to take advantage of visible light as a mode of activation, to carry out original, selective and efficient chemical transformations, by engaging it in photocatalytic processes involving monoelectronic transfer reactions (photoredox catalysis); then more recently to carry out energy transfer reactions for its use in photosensitisation. The main objective of these studies is to design new synthesis methods in radical chemistry and organometallic catalysis, and to combine them in a dual catalysis in order to prepare molecular building blocks developed within the framework of an environmentally friendly chemistry. This research programme lies at the crossroads of several fields of chemistry, between radical chemistry, photochemistry, organic synthesis, physical chemistry and theoretical chemistry, thus giving it a multidisciplinary character.

Biography :
Cyril Ollivier is CNRS Research Director at the Paris Institute of Molecular Chemistry at Sorbonne University where he develops new research in synthetic radical chemistry and organometallic catalysis including photocatalytic processes. Director of the Ecole Doctorale de Chimie Moléculaire de Paris Centre ED 406, he is also an elected member of the Board of the UFR 926 of Chemistry and a member of the board of the Division de Chimie Organique of the Société Chimique de France.


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