Annual Chemistry Day 2024

The UFR de chimie invites you to another annual chemistry day.
This day is an opportunity to meet our newly promoted staff, as well as colleagues recruited last year.

Friday 2 February

Pierre et Marie Curie campus
Esclangon building
Durand amphitheater

This year, 6 members of the IPCM are taking part in the JAC 2024.
Don’t hesitate to come and hear them and our other colleagues from the UFR.


Julie Oble

“SCF initiatives in the Ile de France region”


Marc Robert

“Presentation e-MOCA group”


Bernold Hasenknopf

“Overcoming the challenges of teaching with the help of CAPSULE


Rémi Blieck

“Flash presentation”


Constance Lecourt

Flash presentation


Guillaume Izzet

“Organic-inorganic hybrids based on polyoxometallates, towards the development of functional assemblies”

Program JAC 2024

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