A success for UNAM-SU Catalysis Summer School 2023

The first joint summer school between Sorbonne Université (SU) and the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) dedicated to the topic of Catalysis took place from the 5-9th of June 2023. This event follows the series of chemistry webinars that took place in 2021, which were aimed to create links between researchers from both institutions in a wide series of chemistry-related topics. One of the most successful webinars was on the subject of Catalysis, and as result the idea of this summer school was conceived.

Participant.es de l’école de Catalyse après la cérémonie de clôture, devant l’institut de Chimie. © Víctor Hugo Sánchez

The event was also attended by the directors of both the IQ and ICN, Luis Demetrio Miranda Gutiérrez and María del Pilar Carreón Castro; as well as the Coordinator of Scientific Research, William Lee Alardin, Francisco Trigo Rivera, coordinator of international relations, and Rodolfo Zanella Specia, Director of the Centre of Mexican studies of the UNAM. From SU, Antoine Rauzy, the international affairs advisor was present together with Corinne Aubert head of the SU-UNAM Chair of Excellence committee. The president of SU, Nathalie Drach-Temam and the vice-president of international relations Guillaume Fiquet, also paid a visit to the participants of the summer school during Friday morning.

Cérémonie d’ouverture de l’école d’été (de droite à gauche): Luis Demetrio Miranda Gutiérrez, Corinne Aubert, Antoine Rauzy, William Lee Alardin, María del Pilar Carreón Castro, Rodolfo Zanella Specia. © Lydia Sosa Vargas
Délégation SU-Chimie devant l’institute des sciences nucléaires (de droite a gauche): Lydia Sosa Vargas, Corinne Aubert,  Monica Calatayud, Virginie Mouries-Mansuy, Maxime Vitale, Jinge Cao, Christophe Desmarets, Alexandre Pradal, Franck Launay, Baptiste Neil, Marcel Annereau, Amal Lakhal, Thomas Deiss. © Lydia Sosa Vargas

Over 200 registered participants from Mexico and France attended the 18 talks delivered by French and Mexican researchers and engaged in discussion during the two poster sessions scheduled. The SU delegation was composed of 8 researchers and 5 PhD candidates from different laboratories of the Chemistry department and 3 Chemistry Master students. The Summer School provided a great opportunity for students and researchers to engage with the chemistry community at different levels. It led to exchanges not only on catalysis topics but also provided a forum for discussion on student and researcher mobility, studying in France and Mexico, funding instruments for both countries, and more. 

A special session was dedicated to explain student mobility, with Anne Lise Poquet- mobility coordinator for Chemistry at SU, and three SU Master students, the first to be sent to the UNAM through the strategic partnership program. For the French PhD candidates, this was an invaluable networking experience that will have an important effect on their future careers. 

Session mobilité : Anne Lise POQUET (en visio), (de droite à gauche) : Lucas VERGET, Johanna COMPAORE, Luis SOSA VARGAS (etudiant.es Master Chimie en mobilité a l’UNAM). © Lydia Sosa Vargas

The UNAM-SU Catalysis summer school proved very successful, not only due the large participation of students and faculty of the UNAM’s chemistry community; but also, thanks to the abundant discussions that took place. We hope this summer school will be the catalyst for numerous and successful collaborations between Sorbonne Université and the UNAM.

The organisation committee would like to thank and acknowledge the support from the international relations offices of Sorbonne Universite and the UNAM, the directors of the Institute of Chemistry and the Nuclear Sciences Institute for hosting us, and the UNAM’s school of postgraduate chemistry studies for their funding. A special mention to Dr. Rodolfo Zanella Specia who played a key role in the successful organisation of this event.

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