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Photography: June 2022

The Chembio team designs and synthesizes heterocycles and transition organometallic complexes for medicinal chemistry (cancer, neurodegenerative diseases) and (bio)analysis (fluorescent and IR probes).

Skills and competences
Organic and organometallic chemistry, spectroscopy (infrared, fluorescence), biocatalysis, immunochemistry, cell culture

Bioorganometallic chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, bioconjugation, artificial metalloenzymes, ferrocene, antibody, metal carbonyl complexes, dendrimers, fluorophores.

The ChemBio team is a member of the GIS FrenchBic (

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Dr. Michèle SALMAIN
Tel:33(0)1 44 27 67 32
email: michele.salmain at

Couloir 33-43 4ème étage. case 229
Team Chembio