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  • A Simple Route to Keto-Substituted (h5-Cyclohexadienyl)Mn(CO)3 Complexes Using Organomanganese Transmetallation: Structural and Theoretical Characterizations.
    Eloi, A.; Rose-Munch, F.; Rose, E.; Chavarot-Kerlidou, M.; Gérard, H.;
    Organometallics 2009 , 28, 925-928.
  • Réactivité des complexes (h5-cyclohexadienyl)Mn(CO)3 substitués par des groupes électroaccepteurs vis-à-vis d’hydrures.
    Eloi, A.; Rose-Munch, F.; Rose, E.; Tranchier, J. P.; Chavarot-Kerlidou, M.;
    C. R. Chimie 2009, 12, 554-559.
  • First example of an enantiopure planar chiral ligand built on a (h5-cyclohexadienyl)Mn(CO)3 scaffold.
    Cetiner, D.; Jacques, B.; Payet, E.; Chavarot-Kerlidou, M.; Rose-Munch, F.; Rose, ;E.; Tranchier, J. P.; Herson, P.;
    Dalton Trans. 2009, 27-29.
  • Heterobimetallic Cr-Mn-Complexes of fused Arenes: Chromium-templated Benzannulation of a Cymanthrene-Type Metal Carbene and Haptotropic Metal Migration along a Dibenzo[c,e]indene Platform.
    Dubarle-Offner, J.; Fröhlich, R.; Rose-Munch, F.; Rose E.; Dötz, K.H.;
    Organometallics 2009 , 28, 3004-3011
  • Resolution of Planar Chiral Cationic (h6-Arene)tricarbonylmanganese Complexes.
    Eloi, A.; Rose-Munch, F.; Rose, E.;
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2009, 131, 14178-14179
  • (h6-Bromoarene)Mn(CO)3+ Complexes: Synthesis and Applications to the Functionalization of (h5-Cyclohexadienyl)Mn(CO)3 Complexes by Halogen-Metal Exchange Reaction.
    Eloi, A.; Rose-Munch, F.; Rose, E.; Lennartz, P.
    Organometallics 2009 , 28, 5757-5764