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Seminar "Chemically-sensitive online detection in chromatography : SEC-NMR, HPLC-NMR, SEC-IR(QCL), and FT-LC"(Equipe polymères)

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Prof. Manfred Wilhelm
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute for Chemical Technology and Polymer Chemistry (Germany)

Monday 15th May 2023, 14:00

Sorbonne Université, Pierre et Marie
Curie campus, Tower 43-53
5th floor, room 522

He is an expert in spectroscopy as detector or in solid-state, in rheology, especially Fourier-Transform rheology, and the coupling of rheology of liquid chromatography
(especially SEC/GPC) to spectroscopy.

Manfred will be with us on Monday 15th May afternoon and Tuesday 16th
May morning. Let me know if you would like to discussion with him.

Contact : Patrice Castignolles